160K Bike Ride

Sunday 8th of June was the day of the big bike challenge for the Konica Minolta Team from the Gold Coast: 160 kilometers starting in Brisbane and finishing in Noosa! Little did the team of six realise what they were in for. Alan Thompson, Colin Wheeler, Craig McHenry, Adam Burns, Lucas McCourt, and Shaun Hovey banded together in an effort to raise funds for the MS Society – a very worthy cause with over 3,000 riders taking part.

The day started at 6.00 am and every type of weather eventuated during the day – rain, shine, wind, and even a bit of hail! The boys battered through and we are pleased to report they made it all the way up the coast. The path to Noosa had some beautiful rolling flats and some heartbreaking hills, a challenging mix that put our team to the test.

After 6 hours the team rode triumphantly into Noosa tired but elated. Congratulations to our team!