And the Winner is….. Konica Minolta!

For the second consecutive year, Konica Minolta Business Solutions has won Buyers Laboratory LLC’s
(BLI’s) most coveted award – A3 MFP Line of the Year.


Buyer’s Laboratory Inc (BLI) Awards: 2012 Winter A3 MFP Line of the


Buyer’s Laboratory Inc (BLI) Awards: Most Outstanding Multifunctional
Product Line of the Year

“The Konica Minolta line continues to impress. It’s a remarkable achievement that among all 14 ‘Pick’
winners, not a single malfunction occurred. When all currently tested A3 models are considered,
Konica Minolta has the best reliability record of all eligible vendors, proving that it offers the quality
buyers consider more important than any other.”

– BLI Managing Editor, Daria Hoffman.

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