Biggest Loser in the Office

The Biggest Loser in our Office

You may have heard of the show the Biggest Loser. If you haven’t, and you haven’t seen it on box, the Biggest Loser centres on overweight contestants attempting to lose weight to fight for a cash prize. The contestants always have the same goal: to lose the highest percentage of weight (or most weight) to become the Biggest Loser.

Anyway, being the competitive bunch we are, we’ve decided to do this ‘game’ ourselves. Chillax, you’re not going to be seeing us on the next series (although that would be hilarious), but we have agreed to encourage (sort of) each other to lose weight, have a little friendly competition in the process and raise some serious cash for charity.

Anyone who knows us well enough realises that when you begin employment here KMGC the chances are high that you will lose a lot weight. It’s a given. It’s inevitable. And it’s unexplainable. (And yes the boss allows us lunch breaks so it’s not through starvation). But being the spirited team we are, we have decided to push our minds and bodies that little bit further. This is why so many people in the office — 9 people in fact, or about 2/3 of the company — have opted to join in.

Like in the show, the point of the contest is to see who can lose the most weight during the 12 weeks. Every Tuesday morning, excitedly/nervously, we all weigh ourselves to track our progress. If you fall under the ‘yellow line’ (lowest percentage of body weight lost) then you are issued a task (within reason, adhering to EEO, OH&S and Sexual Harassment Acts) by the other competitors. This is to be carried out within the week. Eg wash the week’s biggest loser’s car, or do the coffee run every day for a week.

Having decided to join, I’m a bit sceptical. Sure, I want to lose a bit more weight. (I’ve been on my own personal Biggest Loser journey since Jan 1 2010 – gotta love the resolutions) But as it stands, I am the only female competing amongst a very determined horde of men, who lets face it, have a bit more to lose than I do or can lose a lot more than me for that matter.

So, from the looks of things right now I’m in the process of reassessing my diet and exercise plan to ensure I’m successful-ish in the competition, so wish me luck. I don’t intend to fall under the yellow line each week and be subjected to ‘washing the boss’s car in a bikini’. I should be ok, provided others not participating in the competition don’t sabotage me with the taunting of Black Forest Cake (as was done last week).

Anyway, as I said, wish me luck. If you have any tips — sites to go to for guidance, dietary tips, etc — drop me an email here. I’ll keep you updated of my progress as well as the others involved, but if you’ve gone through this I’d like to hear what you have to say: I think I’ll need all the help I can get to beat the boys (or just not being the actual loser). My ultimate goal is to get down to 65kgs, but as for now, I’ll be happy getting back down to 69. (I started here at 86kgs which was a bit puffy for someone who is 173cm) So far in the first week, we have lost over 11.3 kilos collectively. That’s a massive 12.46% of our total body fat. GO US!

If you’re keen to start a weighted revolution in your office, I’ve put together a biggest loser kit consisting of an excel spreadsheet (to do all the math), and a word document to help you organise the weight loss efforts at your workplace. You can mix and match the rules to come up with your own version. Just email me here and I will send you the kit!