bizhub Banner Printing


  1. Change system setting for your PC to mm (metric)
    • Start > Settings > Control Panel > regional and Language Options > Customise > Change [Measurement] > Metric (Window XP)
    • Perform only once
  2. Launch Photoshop, PowerPoint or the program you wish to create the banner in.
  3. File > Page Setup:
    • Width: 90cm Height: 29.7cm Slide: Landscape
  4. Make your own special design like a pro. Here’s how!
    • Add pictures to make it more interesting
    • Add colours to those texts that you need to emphasise
    • Keep it elegant. Use less than 3 colours
    • Do not use too many images or too much text. You will only confuse the observer and make the design look cluttered
      Use images of high resolution
    • Be sure to flatten/reduce banner to a smaller file size
  5. File > Print > select your Bizhub
  6. Select [Properties]
    • Original size: custom size (dialog pops up) Width: 900mm Height: 297mm
  7. Click [ok] 3 times till at main screen of print driver
  8. At Bizhub, select [Utility] > Banner Printing > OK
  9. At PC, click [ok] till job starts printing
  10. When message appears on bizhub, insert banner paper into bypass try
  11. Watch your masterpiece come to fruition
  12. Exit [banner printing] mode when finished
    • Utility > Banner Printing > Off

Check out an example

Download instructions PDF