Giggle Corner – Strange Sales

Ten of the weirdest things ever offered on eBay, as listed by blogging site

  • 10. Thirty days of advertising space on a US man’s forehead.
  • 9. An “annoying but cuddly” grandmother, listed by her ten year old granddaughter.
  • 8. A Brussels sprout acquired for $164 with proceeds going to charity
  • 7. Britney Spears’ chewed gum, snapped up for $15 000. Like Seriously.
  • 6. A cornflake shaped like the US state of Illinois, sold for 41450.
  • 5. A partially eaten ten-year-old sandwich, said to bear the image of Virgin Mary. It went for $30 000.
  • 4. A British girl, 18, sold her virginity.
  • 3. A US man auctioned his liver. The bid reached $6.1 million before it was taken down from the site.
  • 2. A jar allegedly containing a ghost was bid to $54 000 (the winner didn’t pay)
  • 1. A Briton living in Australia offered his whole life for $317 000 after splitting up with his wife. The auction included his house, car job, Jet Ski and friends.

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