The Interrogator Interview with Shane Farley

Scraping under our ceilings at 189cm tall, Shane is a typical Aussie bloke. Loves his family, NRL, (Broncos supporter – don’t worry we will beat that out of him shortly) and enjoys the only nectar of the Gods – Pure Blonde.

However being the typical Aussie bloke doesn’t mean he isn’t a little left of centre. For instance, Shane has a separate ringtone for EACH of his mates (mostly tunes from the 90’s era – the bad part of the 90’s) and he is a MASSIVE conspiracy theorist to boot. He loves to challenge questions, opinions, thoughts and media propaganda. In other words, he thinks outside the box to suggest another alternative.

The big man has slotted in quite nicely as the new kid on the block and has had over 3 years in the copier industry. At present, he is the sales representative for the southern region of the Gold Coast.

10 left of centre questions for the left of centre man

(additional comments from the editor/interrogator/me)

  1. Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you? I would love to think that there are others out there, and would jump at the chance to meet them. But I doubt it. (E.T. phone home)
  2. Who assassinated John F Kennedy? The Illuminati arranged it, not sure who pulled the trigger. It wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald though. (and let the debate begin)
  3. Was the moon landing staged? Yes, without a doubt (so no small step for man kind then?)
  4. What is the latest ship to be lost in The Bermuda Triangle? Wouldn’t have a clue. I could google it? (Well Shane, there has only been one PROVEN disappearance in The Bermuda Triangle which was Naval Air Flight 19 on December,5 1945… i think)
  5. When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought? Have I lost enough weight to be this week’s biggest loser. And I was! (oh the torment of body image- refer to our Biggest Loser article for more clarity)
  6. What is your favourite ring on your phone? “just don’t bite it” – Eazy E. It only rings when my wife calls me. (I’m not sure if its appropriate for me to comment on this one)
  7. What’s the size of your shoes? 11 (ah hem ladies)
  8. Are you left or right eyed? Right (damn pirates)
  9. The person you would never want to meet? Vic Hislop (the shark hunter) if I did, I’d feed him to the sharks and I’d be in trouble with the law. (Obviously an animal lover. Yay. But I sense a water theme in this line of questioning?)
  10. If you were a tree, what tree would you be? Eucalyptus – Tall, mainly found in Australia and has a nice scent. (I really have nothing to say except, HILARIOUS)

Game Over. Stay tuned for next months deadly interview.

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