The Web Meets Video With The Touchcast IPad App

Touchcast is a revolutionary means of creating videos that take full advantage of all there is on the web. Photos, graphs, maps, other videos and even your own hand-drawn pictures all come to life with the touch of a finger as the main video continues to play. Touchcast has been available for desktop and mobile use, and now there is a Touchcast iPad app.

Already making itself known for being a new kind of media that combines the web with video, Touchcast is now available for iPads. Download it at the Apple AppStore or right in iTunes. This app allows you to turn your iPad into an HD video camera.

There is more to do with Touchcast when you add vApps or video apps. While you have your video running, insert a map to show your audience where you are. They can interact with the map by touching it to get a better idea of your location, learn more about it and all without disrupting the flow of your video which continues to play just as you created it.

You can add green screen backgrounds to your Touchcasts. Sound completely professional by using the teleprompter feature so that you eliminate any flubs. Insert desired maps, web images, additional videos and hand-drawn items by going to the Video Apps selection. apps allow you to insert these items with the touch of your finger and place them wherever you like in the video you are creating.

Sound effects and white boarding are also available in the Touchcast app. You create completely unique videos with as much supplemental web media as you like when you work with Touchcast. When you finish your video, you can even add audience sound effects such as laughter and applause.