Tips & Tricks with Andrew

Tips & Tricks with Andrew

Please Be Aware

Recently we have come across some little quirks that have been catching our wonderful customers off guard.  There have been some applications that have been secretly updating (as they do) and that has affected the way you print.  What we are focusing on here is the Default Settings of the print driver being overridden by an application.

English Translation = We set your print driver to black and white so that you have to request colour when you need.  There are programmes on your computer that are starting to ignore these settings and change the print to colour.

Let’s take a look!


Tips & Tricks with Andrew


This little guy has been slowly creeping its way into the print settings with every update. 

With more applications that you use on a day to day being web based, this is definitely one to be aware of. 

You can see in the Colour section that it is set to Colour.  This computer’s print driver are set to Gray Scale by default.  Chrome has completely ignored those settings and is doing its own thing.


Tips & Tricks with Andrew


It’s like Windows wants to hang with the cool kids. If Chrome can do it so can we!  This is only a fairly new setting that they have added and has played havoc since.  When opening a JPEG file, Windows will generally open it with the App called Photos.  “Let the app change my printing preferences” is the one to look out for just after you ask it to print.  When this little guy is ticked, that is when you are going to have problems.  By unticking it allows the print drivers to do their job and make sure the settings to Grayscale.

These are just a couple of examples that we have picked up on.