Top 3 Energy Saving Tips For Your Photocopier

1. Beauty Sleep

Its important your Konica Minolta device has its beauty sleep too. Where feasible turns devices off at the power point especially at nights, weekends and holidays. A photocopier left on overnight wastes enough energy to print 1500 A4 copies! eeekkkk.

2. Double Up

Set your printer/copier’s default to making two sided copies. Double-sided copying can reduce office paper use by 25 percent or more, saving money in the process! The bosses will love you for it.

3. Shine Like an Energy Star

Many of today’s new appliances use half the energy of those from 20 years ago (thank goodness). So if you’re in the market, remember this rule of thumb: look for products with the Energy Star® label — they typically use about 20 to 40 percent less energy than other new models. Rest assured your Konica Minolta device is Energy Star approved.

If you would like some help on setting up any of these functions just contact us here and one of our friendly service technicians will be more than happy to assist you.

PS – You also might want to consider a multi-function machine (e.g., combining a printer, fax, scanner, copier, and document management into one package). Especially if your office is small with lower equipment usage, it often can be the most economically and environmentally sound decision.

Purchasing a multi-functional system often provides the office necessities that would cost over one and a half times that amount if bought separately. Their compact size and the multiple capabilities from a single print engine mean that less energy is being consumed—one print engine idling uses less energy than three print engines (fax, copier, printer) idling.

It has been estimated that energy consumption can be reduced by approximately 40 percent by the replacement of an office copier, four laser printers, and a fax machine with a single multi-functional system. In addition, upgradable multi-functional systems can provide flexibility to customers, by allowing them to initially purchase a machine with basic functions such as copying and later upgrade the machine to add print, fax, or scan functions.

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