5 Types of Smart board Skills

When you want to learn how to use a Smartboard there are a few skills you will need to master to use the device correctly. Below are five ways you can attain these skills to use your smartboard.

1.Magic Pen

When you select the icon for Magic pen you will be able to use it in three different ways. These will include:

-Spotlight: when you make a circle the feature for the spotlight will be in use. You will then be able to alter the size of the circle by dragging from the middle of the spot outwards.

-Invisible ink- this features will make the ink fade away after 5 seconds.

-Magnifier- by drawing a rectangle the feature will activate, this allows you to zoom out or in.

2.Page Recorder

When you want to create a recording you will need to select the tab named properties and then choose page recording. Then you will need to click on start recording, the recording will start as soon as you write on the board. To save the recording you can save it in the notebook file.

3.Video Player

When you play a video you are able to write over the video with a pen, when you activate the pen the video will automatically pause.

4.Smart Recorder

This allows you to record any action performed on the Smartboard, there are a couple of steps to follow:

-Click on the icon for the Smartboard
-Choose Recorder
-You can record the whole screen by pressing on the symbol of the a red circle
-You can use the drop down menu in order to record specific windows or selected areas
-When you hit the button to stop, you will be asked if you would like to save

5.Dual Page and Pin Page

When you use the dual page you are able to lock the page located on the left and then continue to move the pages on the right hand side. Add the pin page icon to your toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar located at the top part of the notebook.