Meter Reads

You will need your serial number to log a meter reading. If you do not know your serial number, please refer to our Serial Number and Meter Guide to see what your serial number sticker looks like and where it is often located.

If you are still not sure where to locate your serial number, please contact our support team at or call 1300 307 385.

Customer ID: 420****
Password: konica or at42cm37

Having issues?

You can find your customer ID number on any invoice – top left in address box. If you are having issues with your password, please call our service team on 1300 307 385.

  1. Log in to your portal
  2. Click on Meter Readings at the top left
  3. Click on your serial number displayed in light blue
  4. Enter your current readings
  5. Click on calendar for current date
  6. Click Save Reading


If you have more than one machine, you will be directed back to the machine page where you can click on the next serial number and repeat the procedure until you’ve entered all your machines readings.

  1. Click on Save Reading for each reading submitted
  2. Log out and you are done!