Cool Things You Can Do On Your Interactive Whiteboard

For most part, the Interactive Whiteboard came about as a result of a need to have a better whiteboard that can match the phase by which students and teachers interact, or how boardroom meetings go. While interactive whiteboards have long been used in boardrooms, however, it has just recently been introduced to classrooms, where the reception was astounding.

What most people do not know is that Interactive Whiteboards can actually be used in more ways than just a teaching tool. In fact, it has been known for quite sometime now that there are actually 20 cool things you can do on your Interactive whiteboard. Here are just some of them:

1. Encourage the “physicist” and “inventor” in your students. With the help of such app as the Algodoo, you would be able to have your students build structures using tools and control outcomes using various real-world variables.

2. Saw a good website content that you want to share with your students? You can make use of the Evernote Clearly in order to share these sites without having to deal with excessive images and even online ads.

3. Play Jeopardy with your students using the Triptico App. This app makes it possible for you to add amazing graphics and designs to your review game. You can even have the app compute the scores of the contestants.

4. FluidMath app can help your students appreciate math and linear equation better. With the help of this app. students can solve the equation and plot it on a graph. By changing certain variables, students would be able to see for themselves how it affects the graphical illustration.

5. One of the concerns that teachers face would be the learning curve of the student. Screencast is one app that can be used in order to deal with this. The teacher can prepare lessons with the use of Screencast. Students, then, who have a hard time understanding the lesson, can watch how a certain procedure is being done. The teacher can now focus on other children who have already grasped the concept.

6. Having a hard time teaching the water cycle? Try the OE-Cake. This app enables your students to create a simulated water cycle, allowing them to better understand how each step affects the next.

7. Want to embed an animation or a short movie clip to your lesson? Use SWF files and flash animation.

8. Take away the stress of going over answers and presenting facts to your students with the help of the linking feature of the IWB software that you have.

9. Make your presentation livelier by having it in a comic book form. This can easily be done with the help of such app as Prezi. Prezi allows you to embed not just objects in your presentation but also sounds and videos. You can also have the presentation in a conversational style.

10. Digital storytelling is another way of making sure that your students easily understand such subjects as history.

Bottomline, your use of IWB will primarily depend on what subject you are teaching as well as the age group of your students. You can also take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the majority.