Document Destruction

Document Solutions partners with premier document destruction provider Cut2Shreds to provide you onsite secure document shredding for all industries – locally and nationally. As businesses, we have each built a reputation in our industry for being reliable, professional, and dedicated. Our partnership allows you to have confidence your documents are being correctly handled from the time they are printed to the time they are securely destroyed.

Document Destruction

Why should I get my documents securely destroyed?

It comes down to the true cost to your business. Peace of mind that your confidential information remains secure is valuable and allows you to focus your time and energy on the parts of your business that matter most to you. Beyond the comfort of having your documents securely destroyed, you can minimise the financial cost involved. A staff member may spend an hour or two feeding documents into a shredder. This loss of productivity and use of wages in comparison to utilizing a professional shredding service is all it takes to see a return on investment.

The Process

Request a Service

Contact our Sales Team who will provide a quote for your secure shredding requirements. We quote an accurate cost and advise the soonest possible service date for your location. In most cases we aim to deliver bins within 24-48 hours.
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Step 1

Deliveries & Collection

Drivers are dispatched each day on a scheduled run list to service various locations. For added security our vehicles have GPS tracking which enables us to locate a vehicle at any time with pinpoint accuracy. Our GPS tracking also provides reporting to our Administration team to ensure our staff always drive professionally and safely.
Step 2

Manual Splitting

Each document bin comes with an information panel to outline what items are acceptable to place inside. Document bins are not the same as recycle bins. Only material which requires secure shredding – likely due to confidential information – should be placed in a document bin. For the health and safety of our employees it is very important that no general waste is placed into the document bins. For example, items such as household rubbish, food scraps and wrappers, metal items, and unwanted electrical/office equipment cannot be put in the document bin. Additional fees may apply where we are forced to handle and dispose of waste products found in document bins. Please refer to the information panel on the front of your bin for full details.
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Step 3

Shredding & Baling

Document bins are emptied onto conveyors to feed through a large industrial shredder that cuts through thick sections of paper to ensure a secure shred. As the paper is worked through the shredder it turns to pulp which is collected and compacted.
Step 4

Dispatching to Paper Mills

The condensed pulp is transferred to paper mills to begin the recycling process and create new paper products.
Step 5

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