Document Solutions directors Colin and Alan sit smiling, Australian dealer of the year logo behind them
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Document Solutions Wins National Dealer of the Year 2020 – Konica Minolta Australia

We are proud to announce Document Solutions Australia has won the title of National Konica Minolta Dealer of the Year 2021. After a year of brand-new challenges and fluctuating uncertainty, the resilience and adaptability exercised by the Document Solutions team have been rewarded with this prestigious recognition from Konica Minolta Australia. As we continue doing what we do best, Australian Dealer of the Year 2021 provides undeniable peace of mind for our managed print clients in terms of both trust and service.

In 2019, Konica Minolta then-President and CEO quoted “We recognise that organisations of every size and type will undergo massive transformation over the next several years. And our dealers are critical for the industry’s continued growth and forward momentum.” Over a year on in 2021, this statement has rung true – most certainly not in the way we expected – as we adapted our services to suit the climate of a global pandemic. A collective effort from the Document Solutions team got us through the worst of it and we are proud and humbled to say we came out thriving and are currently in our busiest time ever.

Receiving this award for our performance and action during this time solidifies Document Solutions’ ability to understand our clients’ needs during both unprecedented situations and the ‘new normal’ and continue to provide solutions, resulting in maintaining strong sales on the Gold Coast to support our team and the Konica Minolta brand.

As we celebrate our 20th year of providing service excellence to the Gold Coast, to receive this award is the icing on the cake.

And the cherry on top? We also won the John Crowe Award. This recognition was established in 2019 in honour of John, a highly regarded Konica Minolta Australia dealer, and is awarded to the Konica Minolta Dealer that is the best in the country to collaborate and work with. We are grateful to have received this recognition of our incredible team for the second consecutive year and always endeavour to nurture a quality culture within Document Solutions. We place emphasis on respect and integrity, and this clearly shows in our dealings not only with our clients but with our partners, supplies, and everyone we interact with. The effort our team put in is exceptional and we thank each team member for giving their best. Document Solutions’ overall commitment to service excellence is our best quality and we intend to keep on dedicating our energy to providing Gold Coast businesses with the best service available and unrivalled integrity for genuine peace of mind.

Beyond our efforts, the Konica Minolta product is phenomenal. We are proud to be the authorised Gold Coast dealer of an exceptional brand that does not stop pushing the limits on innovation and creativity. Document Solutions appreciates the recognition from Konica Minolta for the Australian Dealer of the Year and the John Crowe award and our team only endeavours to continue the culture and operations that brought this success.

The awards were presented to Document Solutions Australia directors Alan Thompson and Colin Wheeler.