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Document Solutions Receives the John Crowe Award 2019

Document Solutions Australia are proud to be the Inaugural recipient of the “John Crowe Award” from Konica Minolta Australia.

The John Crowe Award is the most prestigious award given by Konica Minolta to Dealers in Australia as this award is not just awarded on sales performance, but is awarded to the “Best Partner” in Australia. Of course sales performance comes into it, but this award is based on many other factors such as:

  • Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Service qualifications and knowledge of the Dealer
  • Collaboration between the Dealer and Konica Minolta
  • Account Management
  • Communication Levels

This award means to you our customer that you can be confident that we are not just a sales organisation but a company that is the best in Australia in all aspects of our business.

If you would like to know more about this award, please contact us at 07 5528 6663 or by email to