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Have you been naughty or nice to your copier?

Santa’s watching so the big question is – have you been naughty or nice this year? We don’t really care if you’ve stolen Brad’s lunch from the fridge, organised a meeting that could have been an email, or taken credit for Linda’s work on the project. What we want to know is… how have you been treating your copier?

We’ll let you think about it for a moment. To jog your memory, have you:

      • Shaken the same toner cartridge on multiple occasions?
      • Walked away when the printer is out of ink?
      • Tried to print on excessively thick paper?
      • Given it a kick?


Or, dare we ask, attempted to photocopy your… confidential documents?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your visit from Santa is not looking good, friend. The lucky news is it’s not Christmas yet. Santa’s elves are still tinkering away in the workshop, so you still have time to redeem yourself.

Since you’re now pressed for time and need every minute you can get to make up for being naughty, we’ll keep this brief. Here’s how to get on the Good List:

Toner and ink

  • Don’t continually shake your cartridges and put them back in – this confuses the toner indicator and you won’t be able to tell when you are running low and need to change it!
  • Don’t walk away when the printer has run out – this is not very helpful for your coworkers who also need to use the machine. Find out how to replace the toner here


Thick and special paper

  • Make sure your machine can handle the thick paper – if not, it could jam and cause damage to the machine.
  • Be sure to use the correct print settings so your machine is prepared for the print. Find out how to change your paper settings


Can I kick it?

No, you can’t. Take a deep breath and contact our service team or follow along with our handy video tutorials

And as for your confidential documents, there is not much we can do about what happens at your Christmas party, but there is something we can do to improve security on your actual documents you want to keep confidential. Check out PaperCut print management solution which lets you release prints when you get to the copier instead of leaving them in the open for anyone to peek at.

Let us be Santa this year

… even if you have been naughty, we are helping you tick off your wishlist. We are giving you a $1,000 voucher of your choice when you rent, lease, or purchase a Konica Minolta bizhub C450i by the 16th of December. If you are chasing our ever-popular bizhub C250i or C300i, you will get a $500 and $750 voucher of your choice respectively. Treat your team and yourself this year – now that ought to get you on Santa’s Good List! 😉 See all the details here

We are leaving it up to you: naughty or nice? Unlike Santa, we’re not always watching  – just, for goodness sake, clean the glass.