How To Select The Right Business Photocopier

Buying a professional photocopier is an important expense. Before you spend money on a photocopier, you need to ask yourself what kind of features will be needed. Doing some research on different products is the best way to spend money on a photocopier that meets your needs.

Start by assessing your needs. Ask your employees or colleagues how often they need to print or copy things. Assessing the number of pages you need to copy in a day or a week will help you decide on the kind of photocopier you need. A photocopier that can make copies at a high speed is more expensive but it is definitely worth it if large jobs need to be printed regularly.

Should you spend money on a colour machine? Colour photocopiers and colour ink are a more important expense. However, colour makes documents more appealing and helps readers retain information. If you need to print promotional material or need colour prints for presentations, a colour copier is a justified expense. You should look into ways of restricting the use of colours, for instance by encouraging employees to choose the black and white option if the documents will not be seen by clients.

Will you need to print on several formats? Basic photocopiers can print on a few standard paper sizes. If you need to copy blueprints or other large documents, you should invest in a photocopier that can print on several formats. If you only occasionally need to print on larger formats, it might be more interesting to purchase a cheaper photocopier and spend money on a professional printing services when needed.

What kind of other features will you need? Some photocopiers can be used to print documents directly from a computer and some machines even have a built in scanner function. If you already have a good printer and scanner, there is no point in spending money on a photocopier with these features, unless you need to update your printer and scanner.

Assessing your needs carefully is the best way to find a business photocopier that corresponds to your needs. You should also do some research on different brands and sellers to make sure you get a quality product. Don’t hesitate to spend more on a brand new machine if the manufacturer is offering a guarantee as well as free maintenance. Compare all your options and select the photocopier that corresponds to the budget and needs of your business.