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Printing Green: It Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

There’s never been a more important time to play a part in supporting our environment. One of the simplest areas to start with in the office is your printing. Discover how you can save costs and the environment with our easy eco-friendly tips…

Print Double-Sided

It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to lessen the impact of your printing. Reduce your printing costs and make your paper stock last twice as long with double-sided (duplex) printing capabilities on your machine.

Use Print Preview

This tip seems obvious but unfortunately is often forgotten. Reduce your number of misprints by simply checking the outcome on print preview before sending your documents to print – save time, paper, ink and energy.

Save Energy and Waste Less With Epson Inkjet

Use up to 87% less energy compared to laser printers with Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise range. By reducing the amount of consumables required in the printing process the WorkForce Enterprise reduces the environmental impact of print, by providing a energy-efficient solution. In most cases the energy used by a laser printer whilst in “Ready” mode still uses more energy than an Epson device whilst printing.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Konica Minolta Eco Features

The most notable of green products by Konica Minolta is the Simitri HD Toner. It’s a polymerised toner comprised of a biomass using plant based materials that generate considerably less CO2 than conventional toner. The best part? It’s completely carbon neutral – it doesn’t even release any CO2 when recycled! Beyond its environmental benefits, this toner still performs brilliantly with consistent high image quality.

The new range of Konica Minolta multifunction printers also include an innovative Eco Timer which automatically analyses usage and improves settings accordingly. For example, the machine may automatically switch to sleep mode during a recurring lunch break. A special built-in sensor wakes up the device from sleep mode when it senses the user approaching the panel surface and wakes up in just 20 seconds.

It’s easier than ever to assess your environmental contributions by device, department and user with Konica’s Eco Meter, giving you access to information on toner and paper savings.

Just Do Your Best

Every little bit counts. It’s never been easier to watch your environmental impact when it comes to printing. At Document Solutions we value environmentally responsible practises and play our part with economical printing, recycling, and proper toner disposal to name a few. If you’re interested in more eco-friendly printing options, chat to one of our experienced sales representatives on 07 5528 6663 or sales@docsol.com.au

The best part of printing green is it’s a win-win: you’ll reduce your costs and materials, and you can feel good knowing you’re doing your bit to help our planet.