Promethean Announce ClassFlow a Cloud-Based Teaching Platform

Classrooms are basically there for shaping young minds, since time immemorial. That being the case, it is only reasonable that technology also focus on how to make learning not only more fun for the students but also easier for the teachers. Fortunately, in today’s world, the academic world can depend on such companies as the Promethean.

Promethean is one of the established names when it comes to technological solutions concerning the education of the 21st century student. Right from the start, the company has focused on education and has come up with a number of solutions that are currently in-demand. Some of these solutions include Interactive Whiteboard Systems, Digital Content, Curriculum and Assessment Management technology, and mobile learning solutions. Aside from providing technologically advanced software and solutions, Promethean also connects with hundreds and thousands of educators worldwide through the Promethean Planet in order to make sure that they are aware of the latest issues and concerns in the academic world. This is aside from the fact that they have around 10 offices neatly located in various parts of the world. They also partner the products that they provide with quality service that makes it easy for users of their products to get to know how each of the solution can be maximized for their school. Of all the products that Promethean has, very few have generated as much buzz as the launching of the ClassFlow.

For most teachers, one of the most challenging part of their work is coming up with a lesson plan. While certain standards are in place in order to help them come up with the day-to-day topics, making each one lively and interesting for the students can prove to be quite challenging. For one, there are a number of factors that a teacher has to take into consideration including the personality of each of the student in his or her class. This is where ClassFlow comes in.

ClassFlow is actually a software application that teachers can use in order to come up with lesson plans. This cloud-based software actually allows the teachers to connect to a network of more than a million other teachers worldwide who are willing to share how they go about lesson planning in their school. The cloud storage also contains thousands of lesson plans that teachers from anywhere in the world can access through their browser. These lesson plans can be used as a guide on how certain topics can be presented to the students.

Because of the interactive nature of the lessons present at ClassFlow, teachers can make use of it in order to turn any of the latest gadgets into a tool for educating young minds. What’s more, this could-based application can also be used with Interactive Whiteboards that a number of schools are now starting to have. Now, since the latest gadgets are involved, the students would not have a hard time keeping their focus on the topics at hand. The application also promotes collaboration so students and teachers alike can easily share not only information but also opinion, questions, and answers about the topic on hand.