Three Important SmartBoard Troubleshooting Questions Answered

Many times, individuals are overwhelmed with SMART Board troubleshooting questions that are often challenging to answer. Below you will find some of the most important ones.

What is involved in set up once my SMART Board has been installed?

The only way to establish a solid connection is to use two cords connected to the computer. This includes the VGA cord (15 pin) and a USB cord (rectangular head). However, you can use an HDMI cord instead of a VGA.

Next, you will need to use your right mouse click button along with the keyboard positioned on the pen tray. Hit both at the identical time to start the orientation of your SMART Board. Continue to press the centre of every target when it lights up. This will configure your board and have it ready for use.

What is the process for downloading SMART notebook?

The latest SMART notebook version is available on SMARTs website. Choose the latest version, along with your operating system (OS), which could include Windows, Linux or Mac. On the next page, you will need to verify that your computer system has met the minimum requirements to download the SMART notebook version. You will then need to click on the download button, saving the file to a location that is easily accessible. Once the download has been completed, you can open up the installer and follow along with all the instructions for installing.

What about a blue screen?

If you are experiencing a blue screen, you need to ensure that all the cords are plug-in tightly. More than likely, the cable to your SMART Board has become unplugged, or loosened from the machine.

There are a myriad of questions concerning installing and operating the SMART Board. The above three questions are by far the most common.