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Who is Ian Tudehope?

Introducing Ian Tudehope!

Ian Tudehope has joined the Docsol team on the 11th June 2018 as our in-house Service Technician. Ian will answer some quirky questions so we can get a better insight to our newest team member:

Q. Tell me a little about your personal life – are you married, children? Etc

A. I have been married for 6 years, together for 22, and we have 3 girls and 2 boys.

Q. How did you become a Service Technician?

A. Had no idea what I wanted to do, 2 of us went for an interview,  I wore shoes, he wore thongs, I got the job.

Q. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

A. Mmmmm, quiet and unassuming!

Q. What is something about you that nobody here at Docsol knows?

A. Nothing earth shattering,  I am a life long basketball fan, played and coached lots. Proud to say, my son played for Townsville Crocodiles.

Q. What is the best thing since sliced bread?

A. Screw top wine bottles.

Q. What is the best trip you have taken – where and why?

A. So many good ones! Last Alaska cruise, was just nice but backpacking around southern India probably. We went off the beaten track where not many Westerners go, treated like novelties, so many selfies with locals.

Q. If you won 1 million dollars, how would you spend it?

A. Slowly, hopefully. Maybe pay the house off first or send it off to the banker and tell him to grow it and give me $40K a year as splurge money.

Q. Name five famous people (dead or alive) that you would invite to your dinner party.

A. Bob Marley, Max Walker, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein and Robin Williams.

Q. Are you a dog or cat person?

A. More dog than cat, I have a big black crazy standard poodle.

Q. If money and time was not an obstacle, what would you do with your life?

A. Bring about World peace or eliminate poverty, just the easy stuff.