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8 Reasons Production Print Belongs In-House

Infographic of top 8 reasons to go in-house with production print: quality control, paper variety, less stress, personalised marketing, minimal wastage, lower costs, fastest turnaround, and impressive finish. www.docsol.com.au

Turnaround times that don’t keep up with your market, set quantities, and minimal control… Have you considered bringing your production print in-house to resolve these problems? There are a range of benefits to producing your marketing collateral in-house from lowered costs to personalisation to less stress on your team. It might feel like a big jump but it may be much more in reach than you realise.

We are finding the real estate industry is significantly benefitting from in-house production printing. As the market is so fast-paced on the Gold Coast (and many cities in Australia), having the ability to print on-demand with the fastest turnaround is a huge relief on both the sales and marketing teams. We recently installed a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3070 at a Burleigh Heads agency and they are now able to stay ahead of the market instead of stressing to keep up. The install was one of our most unusual as we lifted the components of the production machine with a crane through the first storey balcony – you can watch it all here. No install is beyond us, we’ll make it work.

Without further ado, let’s get into our top 8 reasons production print belongs in-house and will take your agency, studio, or office to new heights.

8. Quality Control

First perk of owning your own machine: you have control. One of the key areas your control comes in handy is the quality of colour. Your brand colours are essential to your business’ identity and it is important to remain consistent across your marketing. Your in-house machine can be set up to suit your business and be maintained to stay that way.

7. Stock Size and Variety

Outsourced printing relies on the print house’s availability of paper stock type and size. Enjoy the freedom of choice with in-house printing without extra costs for non-standard sizes. The stock you use is completely up to you. Whether you go budget or go fancy, the selection is yours.

6. Less Stress On Team

The pressure to produce in such fast markets can be immense and take a toll on your hard-working team members. Take the stress off your team by reducing the turnaround time required for print and taking advantage of being able to incorporate test runs and small quantities.

Less stressed employees lead to better productivity and less sick leave required. Less pressure reduces burnout whilst contributing to a better overall work environment and office culture resulting in higher staff retention. The list of benefits goes on – it’s easy to conclude the less stress on your team the better the performance of your team.

5. Personalised Marketing

Say farewell to minimum quantities! In-house production gives you the opportunity to personalise your marketing down to one-off prints to appeal to the individual. For example, you can include the potential client’s name or tailor the selection of offerings to suit their needs specifically, or create a small run for a niche audience.

Studies show personalised marketing often increases spend efficiency and overall revenue, as well as enhances the relationship between business and client. It is a great way to make your client or potential feel seen and valued, and also offer them what they actually want instead of leaving them with a generic selection that doesn’t appeal.

4. Minimal Wastage

Print the exact quantities you want when you want. No more minimal quantities and it’s ready in a flash saving you from purchasing outsourced prints that aren’t relevant by the time they turn up at your business. We have found this especially valuable to real estate agencies as they need to produce collateral for open homes, new-to-market listings and sold properties fast to keep up with the hot market. When outsourcing print, they had the issue of designing collateral for new and on-the-market properties but in the turnaround time (about 2 days) the status of the property had changed dramatically to become under contract or even sold. This left the agencies with stacks of prints that were no longer able to be used and ended up in the bin.

In-house production means you can print the actual required quantities and have them ready to go FAST.

3. Lower Costs Significantly

The costs of running outsourced print jobs incorporates the price of production, shipping, and the time it takes from productivity. Producing in-house gives you full control over materials and quantities giving you more control of the cost that is already lower in comparison to outsourced print services. For example, we produced a quality 12-page A4 booklet on our Konica Minolta AccurioPress and the total cost was 92 cents – and that includes the stock it was on! We also produced a DL flyer on the same machine which totalled to 3.7 cents.

2. Fastest Turnaround

It doesn’t get any faster than in-house on-demand print abilities! With a production press on hand, you can send jobs to print as soon as they are ready to go and have the job completed in no time. Bringing production in-house means no more waiting for your job to be processed amongst other print jobs in a queue, and no waiting for shipping or pick up. It’s all there, ready to go –  need we say more?

1. Impressive Finish

At the end of the day, it’s all about what your clients and potential customers think. If you are able to present professional, personal marketing materials in a quick fashion – that’s impressive. Make a great impression with your target market and create personalised experiences to get the right information to the right people.

Stand out and stay ahead of the game.