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Top 4 Konica Minolta Eco Product Features

Let’s go green! Konica Minolta have made it easy for you to reduce your carbon footprint and operate eco-friendly without doing a thing.

Go carbon neutral with Simitri HD Toner

Deisgned by Konica Minolta, the Simitri HD is a polymerised toner comprised of a biomass – a renewable organic resource made up of biological materials that exclude fossil fuels and generates considerably less CO2 than conventional toner.

Even during its recycling process, the Simitri HD Toner is completely carbon neutral. The toner fuses at a much lower temperature in comparison to ordinary cartridges which significantly reduces its energy consumption.

Reduce power consumption with Induction Heating (IH) Fixing Unit

The process to fuse the toner to the paper requires heat to set the toner. Konica Minolta’s multifunction range utilises Induction Heating (IH) to rapidly fuse the toner reducing the overall power consumption and shortening warm-up time.

Eco Timer

Integrated in Konica Minolta’s colour multifunction range, the intelligent Eco Timer automatically analyses usage and improves its function accordingly. The timer can detect a recurring lunch break and schedule sleep mode at this time. Ultimately, the Eco Timer optimises power consumption through self-managed schedules or user-programmed schedules.

Eco Meter

The same range of multifunction devices feature an Eco Meter which also works intelligently and provides information on toner and paper savings. The meter gives you a clear view of your business’ usage by providing insights by device, department, and user.

There you have it! Four features that keep your office running eco-conscious whilst retaining productivity and efficiency. Working eco doesn’t have to mean compromise with Konica Minolta. If you are looking to reduce your footprint, the multifunction A3 copier range is the way to go.