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Are Stranger Things Happening With Your Copier?

All copiers have a lifespan. We know how quickly technology evolves and eventually, our devices need to be replaced by smarter, more efficient technology to keep the business performing at its best. When stranger things start happening with your copier and you find yourself handling errors and mysterious noises on a regular basis, these are signs it may be time to consider upgrading your machine to bring simple workflow and peace of mind back into the office.

Before we go any further, there is no need to scream – you shouldn’t be finding any monsters inside your printer and these issues should not be occurring with new machines. These warning signs apply to aging machines that are generally coming toward the end of the standard 5-year warranty period or, more extremely, may be part of a discontinued range (old old!). Think about it, how often do you upgrade your phone? Your laptop? Technology ages quicker than some of us may like but this makes way for faster, smarter, and more efficient devices to make life easier and save us money in the long run.

Your new printer models should have no major or repetitive issues with normal use. If you see one of these symptoms as a one-off experience, we don’t expect it is time to upgrade your machine. If you experience these issues consistently or it causes a major issue, that is when it is time to consider upgrading. With that aside, let’s have some fun with this… You might need to upgrade if these strange things are happening:

Are Stranger Things Happening With Your Copier?

The lights start flashing

Errors, errors, errors… If you feel like the warning lights on your machine are flashing more often than Joyce Byers’ Christmas lights, this is a cry for help from your printer. Perhaps not a message from the Upside Down, but rather the internal components of your copier that are struggling to perform at their best after years of wear.

If you find yourself calling for service regularly and ordering multiple replacement parts, this is an indication that your copier has declined in its performance from natural wear and tear. This is a good time to start looking at your options to upgrade your machine. Replacing an outdated device before it dies means you can take your time to find the best option for your business instead of having to rush an order to avoid downtime. Unfortunately, with the global chip and technology shortages, plus ongoing worldwide transport logistics issues, there can be waiting times on particular devices further inconveniencing you and your team.

Are Stranger Things Happening With Your Copier?

You’re hearing noises in the walls

…of your copier, that is. If you are hearing noises in the walls of your office, you might have bigger problems on your hands.

Years of wear can affect the internal parts of your printer and cause them to underperform, malfunction, or become noisy. This can cause disruption to the workflow and become generally annoying, especially for those who sit close to the machine. If your copier is growling, creaking, or grumbling on a regular basis, there is only so much our experts can clean, tweak and replace if the model has been discontinued or is close to end-of-life. Hearing these noises continuously between services is a sign your machine is no longer performing at its best and is getting closer to requiring an upgrade.

Are Stranger Things Happening With Your Copier?

You wonder if you’re going crazy

You’ve dealt with various errors, smudges, and even phantom paper jams. These are all annoying issues at the least, however, it only seems to happen to you – never when you try to show someone else! Whilst it can feel like something ominous is causing havoc in your machine, we can promise you are not crazy for dealing with the ongoing issues and you are likely not the only one experiencing them.

If you have had enough and are keen to avoid the madness, we suggest keeping your machines up-to-date as much as possible. If you are ready to look at options to upgrade your printer, you can chat with one of our team at 07 5528 6663 or – we are always happy to take the time to listen to what you and your business need and come to the best unique solution for you.