Magenta and Ketra sit front row at Condev Cares event for lauunch of Ketra's House charity project
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DocSol Supports Condev Cares Project With 1,000km Ride

It’s not every day you wake up and decide to cycle over 1,000 kilometres but that is exactly what Document Solutions Australia Director, Alan Thompson, has done. In support of Condev Cares Project – Ketra’s House, Alan will be riding alongside other inspired Gold Coasters in a charity ride that runs over 6 days with just over 1,000 kilometres covered, including approximately 11,000 metres of climbing. These efforts are to raise funds for a very special cause: Condev Cares Charity is building a special needs, independent living triplex for two very special people, Ketra Wooding and Magenta Harris. These two amazing young women suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) and Cerebral Palsy (CP) respectively. Neither women have been able to live independently in an environment to suit their needs; this charity project will grant the independent living these women deserve.

In 2010, Ketra was a 25-year-old sailing around the world. What appeared to be a simple virus led to becoming more and more disabling and she was diagnosed with ME/CFS. Before long, Ketra was confined to lying in a dark room in an aged care facility unable to walk or even carry out small physical tasks due to her debilitating illness. The care facility being designed for aged care rather than disability made it difficult for Ketra to adapt her surroundings to cater to her needs.

Magenta has lived her entire life with CP and has been through many foster care homes; unfortunately trapped in the system.

Alan will be gearing up on 21st March to set off on one of the longest rides he has participated in. “After learning what these two special individuals have had to endure in life, I will not complain if the ride gets a bit tough,” Alan quotes, “This is an opportunity for me to challenge myself doing something that I love, but more importantly, to support this amazing cause to give Ketra and Magenta true independence.”

As of late 2020, Australia had approximately 6,500 citizens with disabilities aged under 65 living in aged care facilities. Faced with few alternatives, many young people end up living in these facilities that are not equipped to cater to their individual needs. Beyond the physical comfort limitations, this living arrangement is detrimental for youth mental health as it greatly reduces independence, limits potential, and is socially isolating. According to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 2018 Report Card, “82 percent of young people in residential aged care rarely or never visit friends and 13 percent never go outside”. It is an issue that is receiving little attention in the greater community.

Condev’s mission is to “construct an NDIS approved triplex, complete with wheelchair access and all safety equipment, to house eligible community members who can live independently but require special equipment and help and who otherwise are, or are at risk of, living in aged care”. The support of partners, subcontractors, consultants, and all individuals who have decided to donate their time or funds to the cause is immensely appreciated.

How can I support?

Click here to donate to the cause – all you need to do is pick the rider you want to sponsor: Alan Thompson!

The ride begins on Sunday, March 21st finishing up on the 26th. For details see our Who We Support page.

Share this article to spread awareness of the cause. It’s been a tough year for many Australians, we understand not everyone is in a position to support financially. If you are unable to donate, we would greatly appreciate the sharing of this article with friends, colleagues, and social media to shed light on the issue and promote this cause we are passionate about. Feel free to tag us on social media @docsolaustralia

Thank you for your support.

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