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Keeping Up Your Mental Wellbeing Whilst Working From Home

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has turned the working world upside-down and working from home has become the new normal for many. Whilst some are thriving in these new conditions, the home office environment doesn’t work for everyone. Add varying and ever-changing restrictions across the country and uncertainty for the near-future and we’ve found ourselves in a situation that too easily allows stress and despondency to creep in.

Whilst we can’t take out all the challenges of working from home, we do have some handy tips for looking after your mental wellbeing during this time.

Find A Routine

Creating certainty in our environment can be grounding and helps combat the stress of sudden change. Even though our usual routine is no longer in play, we can still create structure within our day by dressing for work, having a usual lunch time, or setting aside time for exercise for example.

The most effective routine is unique for everyone. We recommend taking a moment to figure out which parts of your usual routine are the most important or enjoyable for you and work on incorporating these into your day.

Stay Social With Your Co-Workers

When face-to-face contact is cut out, it’s natural to feel isolated and out of touch. Checking in with your co-workers and staying in regular contact maintains the social aspect of the workplace and acts as a reminder that we’re all in this together.

It can be as simple as a good morning to the team or the sharing of a joke that keeps everyone connected.

Maintain Your Regular Healthy Habits

When our routine is shaken up, it’s all too easy to let our good habits slip. With such drastic changes caused by the pandemic, it’s understandable to need comfort and a break from our usual upkeep as we learn to handle our new situation. We’re not expected to function as usual in times like these, however, maintaining healthy habits can certainly help our mental wellbeing.

It’s important to try to do what has kept us well in the past such as getting enough sleep, eating well, maintaining or reducing alcohol intake, keeping physical, and staying connected to friends and family. Aiming to focus on the things we can control is key in coping with changing and uncertain times.

Seek Help If You Need

It takes courage to admit we need help but it’s the first step to feeling better. Find a situation that’s comfortable for you, whether it be chatting to a coworker, family member, or psychologist, or seeking help anonymously through an organisation such as BeyondBlue.

It’s important to remember the situation we’re in right now won’t last forever and we’re all in this together.