Driver Development Story So Far

I know what you’re thinking…“ummmm What The???” well if you let me get all technical for a minute, you will see that it means good things for our end users – thats YOU!

With advances in technology, manufacturers of business systems have had to up their ante in the development of equipment that is not only able to do the job but that it remains relevant. And Konica Minolta Gold Coast has been able to keep the competition at bay with the ability of developing ‘custom drivers’ for devices that satisfy the end users requirements. Our Sean gives us an update on his latest project.

We have the ability to have drivers modified to suit the requirements of the end user, this is something we have had done in the past and are in the process of doing for Queensland Education at the moment.

When customers need additions made to the print driver we communicate the driver modification required to Konica Minolta in Sydney and Japan. Basically we look at what is required by the customer and then put or case forward based on the likelihood of future demand for that feature.

For example a prestigious client of ours, Cozens and Regan who are a surveying company on the Coast, draw their plans in A0 and A1 size (which is really big for the un-initiated) but the print drivers only allow scaling the paper size (accurately that is) to sizes that the MFD can actually physically print.

Now bear in mind this is for only one customer request and for one MFD, However we put the scenario forward to Konica Minolta Japan on the basis of other existing customers who could use this feature and also future sales. KM Japan was happy to make these changes to the driver and is considering making it a standard feature on new products.

The outcome was very successful as the drivers were modified and installed and worked exactly as expected, much to our customers delight. We aim to make the usability of your Konica Minolta device as easy as possible.

We are in the process at the moment of having some Apple MAC drivers modified to suit the needs of some of our schools, which involves the tracking and access of black & white and colour printing. This will be a major benefit for schools as it is a major cost saving solution.

Having the ability to custom make drivers for our end users really does show a genuine willingness from Konica Minolta to meet the needs of our customers and the strength of our relationship with not only their technical division but Konica Minolta as a whole.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us