A4 Brother printer sits on a cabinet in a clean, minimalistic home office
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How To Increase The Longevity Of Your Brother Printer

We rely on our printers and copiers to keep work flowing in the office. These devices are valuable players in our team and we need them to be reliable and robust. Whether you are placing high importance on sustainability and waste reduction, feeling the financial pinch, or simply wanting to avoid the hassle of replacing your device, we all want our machines to last.

Brother Australia printers and multifunction copiers have earned a favourable reputation for durability, but you might still be wondering, ‘How do I make my printer last longer? How can I increase the life of my copier?’ We share the best practices to prolong the life of your print, copy, and, scan equipment – let’s get into it.

  1. Take care when changing toner/removing a jam
  2. Invest in power surge protection
  3. Utilise standby mode
  4. Get professional service (managed print services)


Take care when changing toner and removing a jam

Sometimes you will need to work inside the machine, most likely to change the toner or remove a paper jam. Plenty of flashy parts inside your copier can easily get damaged from being knocked or scratched. Start with a deep breath and take your time when working within your device and only do what you know how to do.

Make sure to follow instructions to remove and insert your Brother toner cartridges correctly. Avoid touching the bottom of cartridges when swapping them out as this can affect the print quality. Consumables also have a shelf life, if you are purchasing your own toner, make sure to check the use-by date.

When it comes to paper jams, be careful not to rip any pieces as you remove them. Remember slow and steady wins the race. If any small or hidden pieces are left in the machine, a technician will be required to remove these.

Invest in power surge protection

This is an easy one – all you need is a power surge protection device such as a specialised powerboard. You can pick these up from your local tech store including JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, etc. to minimise your risk of a surge damaging or destroying your machine.

Utilise standby mode

In the words of Brother: standby mode is your friend. Continuously cycling your device on and off can be harmful to its durability and decrease the life of your machine. Utilising standby mode retains operational efficiency and uses very minimal power.

Get professional service

Some troubles are best left to professional technicians. Take the stress off your team and leave the tricky bits for the experts to handle. DocSol’s Managed Print Service solution provides your device with ongoing support from our local professional team who have been in the business for years. We effectively manage your assets to reduce your risk of something going wrong, minimise downtime, and keep your devices running as effectively as they should. It doesn’t get any better than that – learn more or get in touch with us today. We are always happy to chat.