Kyocera: Green printing

Their corporate worldwide green policies encourage conservation and recycling along with the
development of products and technologies that can actually minimise the impact on the environment.
Combined with their compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – the actual cost of owning and
operating, as opposed to just the purchase price – it makes for a winning combination.
Thanks to their unique ECOSYS technology, Kyocera has achieved a significant reduction in the number
of part replacements and disposable items, which has helped not only to cut total printing costs, but
make their products more environmentally friendly as well. Kyocera provides a calculator tool on their
website where customers can easily estimate their current printing costs and potential savings.

Independent research recently conducted by Australian analyst firm, Longhaus, reveals that Australia’s
print-on-demand culture
is costing the average business over a quarter of a million dollars over a three-year period. Businesses
are missing out on opportunities to reduce their printing costs by up to 35% which could be achieved by
choosing a vendor with reduced TCO and adoptingtactics to improve their print efficiency.

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