“Pimp My Copier” – How to Send Searchable PDFs to Your PC!

So why is it so hard to get a standard office copier set up as an entry point for electronic document
workflows, spewing scanned and searchable PDFs as easily as it does paper copies?

It can, provided your company has a network multifunction printer (MFP) instead of a traditional copier.
Chances are, it does, as 620,000 MFPs sell annually across Australia giving them the potential to
become an effective standard entry point for paper-to-PDF conversion in Aussie offices.

Many offices have already set up MFPs to make paper-to-PDF conversions and email them to users or
save them to a central network source. But having the function is one thing; streamlining the process
so that one hits the “copy” button and a searchable PDF ends up on his or her hard drive is quite
another thing.

Imagine having information like commonly accessed contracts and documentation on a
computer network, instead of locked away as paper in a filing cabinet. Well now you can…

Unity Desktop Professional is the desktop document management solution that provides all the scanning,
organizing, and search and archival features you need to manage your desktop more efficiently.
Furthermore, Unity desktop professional can be used as a collaboration tool to combine files of multiple
formats into a single printable document.

What are the benefits?
With Unity Desktop, you can join the millions of users who bring paper files into their workflow faster.

  • Easily turn paper and PC documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint into PDF
    files you can edit
  • Assemble custom PDF documents with drag-and-drop speed and simplicity.
  • Scans and converts documents into XML, PDF, TIFF and other formats according to the needs
    of your application.
  • Makes it easy to create searchable PDF files, locate any document you’ve ever scanned, file
    electronic forms, share documents via Email and much more.

Who is Unity Desktop suitable for?
Unity Desktop is able to provide immediate benefits to many types of businesses and organisations.
Specifically, it is most beneficial to:

  • Professional Services – Legal & Accounting
  • Healthcare – Hospitals and District Health Boards
  • Education – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
  • Administration – All office workflow functions

If you would like more information on how you can scan documents on your bizhub MFP and convert
them to searchable PDF, download this brochure, contact us here or call us on 07 5528 6663

Deliver PDF’s directly to your desktop PC. Add annotations. Combine files, Edit documents.
Capture Text. And do it all with one simple, integrated solution.