Konica Minolta AccurioPress C83hc

Specialised Colour Production Press
  • Print Speed: 81 ppm (Colour/B&W)
  • High Chroma toner designed for RGB workflow
  • Large 12″ Colour Touch Screen
  • Resolution: 3600 (equivalent) x 1200 dpi
  • Media Weight: Up to 350 gsm
  • High-Speed Dual Colour Scanning up to 240 ipm
  • Duplex banner printing up to 762 mm
  • Max paper capacity: 15,390 sheets
  • Monthly Peak Volume: 720,000
  • Industry-leading range of finishing options

The AccurioPress C83hc high chroma print system takes print capabilities and print efficiencies to the next level.

The ability to produce high impact VIVID colour with a production toner print engine is unique to Konica Minolta, designed to integrate efficiently with RGB files and workflow providing ease of use while producing printed output that allows colours that pop from the page, whilst giving life-like prints that reflect shades and detail in brilliant colour.



  • High-speed production print output of 81 ppm in colour and black and white
  • High Chroma technology reproduces the RGB colour gamut with greater accuracy
  • A larger colour gamut allows the ability to produce a greater range of Pantone colours
  • Vivid colours shades other digital colour printers might not capture, even with difficult corporate colours
  • Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Processing (SEAD-II) uses two real-time sensors to maintain colour stability during long press runs on the production printing equipment
  • A die-cast laser unit and one-ship, eight-beam laser system ensure pinpoint accuracy
  • Simitri® HD+ toner fuses at a lower temperature for faster speeds without sacrificing image quality
  • 12” colour touch-screen display for simple on-board press control with preview and edit functions
  • An extensive wide range of finishing options that let you customise your production print system



  • High chroma technology – Konica Minolta’s newly developed high chroma technology is industry-leading – with a colour reproduction gamut closer to S-RGB for CMYK production, using the default four colour toners. This means that, for the first time, you can produce a print that’s the closest match to what you see on your monitor – and which is a reflection of the real, vivid world of colour.
  • High colour saturation – Our high chroma print process makes high colour saturation and more transparent colour reproduction possible. The bizhub PRESS C70hc series can make your printed assets come to life with vibrant reds, greens and blues.




  • Real, live colour photos – Exceptional image quality and high chroma colour printing means it is possible for the bizhub PRESS C70hc to beautifully produce photos – delivering real, live colour in a smoother surface finish document, as well as better colour-fade resistance and unparalleled durability.
  • Crisp, sharp prints – The bizhub PRESS C70hc series high chroma technology delivers great quality improvements for colour photos and illustrations. It produces perfectly crisp and sharp prints, with a professional, oil-free print finish. This means it can deliver impressively coloured direct mail pieces and point of sale material in vivid colour – to attract more customers and raise response rates.



  • Wide range of output formats – Konica Minolta’s smart RGB workflow offers you the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of output formats – including paper, internet, mobile and more. This form of data exchange is best for reproducing the RGB colours you see on your monitor. It provides accurate RGB to CMYK conversion for printing and RGB to RGB conversion for the web. For the best possible results, RGB photographs, illustrations and other graphics are also managed as high, information-dense RGB data files until the moment before output.
  • Superior colour management – Today, the proliferation of online and mobile technology means that sales and marketing messages are no longer communicated exclusively in print. As such, print professionals have had to switch colour management from the traditional CMYK process – to the more flexible and digitally-suited RGB. The ability of the bizhub PRESS C70hc to work with both – and to output a range of formats – means you can enjoy a unified corporate and brand identify across very different media.

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