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qwizdom32_lrgQwizdom is an excellent assessment tool used by teachers to pose a question to their class and receive feedback. In the classroom this provides teachers with information they need to monitor and record student progress. In recent years, Qwizdom has also been used for events to obtain participant feedback and provide a means for companies to evaluate their event.

We supply handsets for events of any type or size, including conferences, meetings, quizzes, forums and training. We also provide facilitation of the handsets at events if required.

Use the Qwizdom Student Response Systems at your event to improve audience engagement, gather instant feedback and opinions and share ideas. The Student Response Systems provide presenters and audiences with more opportunities to interact and collaborate improving audience excitement and participation and ultimately improving the success of your event.

Save Time

✔ Students work at their own pace on paper-based activities

✔ Automatically grade homework and tests

✔ Draw from thousands of free lessons and question sets or use your own existing material


Engage Students

✔ Engage, motivate, and empower each individual student

✔ Everyone participates during classroom activities, even shy students can request help discreetly

✔ Interactive games make learning fun and create healthy competition for everyone involved

✔ Allows you to perform small group and individual activities and tests to keep students focused


Monitor student progress

✔ Instantly know if your students understand what is being taught

✔ Generate standards-mastery and performance reports for the whole class or individual students


Lead a 21st Century Classroom

✔ Work seamlessly with your existing print or digital materials

✔ Pose dynamic questions ‘on-the-fly’

✔ Use with your TeamBoard interactive whiteboard

✔ Each remote offers an easy to use keypad, full text input and a large LCD screen to view full responses


Improve Learning

✔ Use private feedback (through teacher devices) to help guide students to understanding

✔ Improve learning and state test scores by more than 20%

✔ Combine response system interactivity, customised presentations, formative assessments and online reporting into one complete solution

✔ Each durable remote displays instant right / wrong feedback

✔ Engage through the use of Qwizdom’s interactive learning games


Qwizdom’s range of student response systems enable extensive question types:

✔ Multiple Choice

✔ Multiple Mark

✔ True / False

✔ Yes / No

✔ Rating Scale Input

✔ Sequencing

✔ Numeric (Single Digit)

✔ Numeric (Two or more digits)

✔ Short Answer Completion

✔ Numeric-Fraction / Decimal / Negative Number

✔ Text Input

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