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How Secure Is Your Document Shredding Procedure?

Secure Document Destruction: Shredding

How Secure Is Your Document Shredding Procedure?

Document Solutions is excited to announce we have partnered with premier document shredding provider: Cut2Shreds. With this expansion of our printer services, DocSol can now provide secure document destruction services for all industries both locally on the Gold Coast and nationally around Australia. This partnership enables our clients to be at ease that their documents are being correctly handled from the time they are printed to the time they are securely destroyed. Win-win!

How does secure document destruction work?

With the Cut2Shreds service organised through our Document Solutions friendly Service Team, a full-sized wheelie bin is delivered to you to remain in your office for your staff to fill with sensitive documents as they go. Any documents containing information you wouldn’t want a stranger on the street to read can go in the locked bin. Once you have filled the bin, Cut2Shreds will collect your bin and replace it with a fresh empty bin ready to fill again.

Cut2Shreds securely transports your full bin to their facilities where your documents will run through an industrial shredder and be worked into a pulp. The pulp is then condensed and sent on to paper mills to begin the recycling process and be transformed into new paper products.

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Have you reviewed your true cost of document destruction?

Whilst it may feel like a small or easy job to shred documents internally, this process can be tedious, time-consuming, and have a higher cost than initially considered. Let’s review the realistic costs to your business.

What costs – financial and not – do you incur having a staff member spend an hour or two feeding documents into a shredder? 

  • The hourly rate of your qualified employee to do a tedious task
  • The loss of productivity with your employee not doing their regular tasks
  • A drop in job satisfaction or sense of appreciation 
  • Security risks rising with the potential for a data breach

Shredding documents is a nonstimulating job nobody wants and poses several risks to your organisation. On the flip-side, utilising secure document destruction services that come to you adds value to your company. You gain:

  • Increased security with reliable, uncompromised document destruction
  • More time for employees to focus on their tasks instead of shredding
  • Environmental efficiency contributing to the recycling process
  • Peace of mind – and that’s priceless

Our rates are transparent: our service has no additional fees. That means no extra charges for bin rentals, fuel levies, additional transport charges, etc. We look after you from start to finish. Our partnership with Cut2Shreds means Document Solutions can support you in printing, scanning, copying, and the secure destruction of you documents with peace of mind.

Find out more here and have a chat with us today to organise simple, secure document destruction for your team.