Supporting the Environment for a life time

Paper printed with the Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6501 series, a high-volume colour production printing system, shows excellent recycling properties. This was demonstrated by the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) in an independent test of the deinkability of materials. The Konica Minolta devices scored top results, proving that the company’s exclusive Simitri HD polymerised toner technology supports environmental printing until the end of the lifecycle.

The Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6501 series was recently tested by INGEDE, a deinking industry association, for its ability to effectively support paper recycling. The independent test simulates the most important steps of the deinking process, meaning the removal of ink or toner from printed materials. This method has been developed to compare the deinkability of different printed products and to rate the challenge that a printed product poses to a standard deinking plant. The Konica Minolta production printing systems scored top results, both for the single colour test page and the four-colour test page.

“The test results show that the key process in paper recycling – the deinking process – works especially well with the Simitri HD polymerised toner used in our bizhub PRO C6501 series,” explains Karl-Friedrich Edenhuizen, Product Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. “The characteristics of this innovative toner contribute to the easy removal of ink from paper.”

Konica Minolta’s exclusive Simitri HD polymerised toner technology, used in most bizhub devices, enhances the printing quality of monochrome and colour devices – and supports environmental conservation throughout the whole lifecycle. Compared to conventional pulverised toners, manufacturing of the Simitri HD polymerised toner reduces the generation of CO2, NOx or SOx, which cause greenhouse gases and acid rain, by 40%. Printing with this toner saves energy as the fixing can be achieved at a much lower temperature. And finally, recycling of paper printed with the Simitri HD toner is very effective due to a high deinkability, as demonstrated for the bizhub PRO C6501 series by the INGEDE association.

The Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6501 series meets the diverse needs of central reprographic departments (CRDs), commercial printers (CP) and high volume offices. With a print speed of 65 colour pages per minute, an impressive media flexibility and superior print quality, the colour production printing system offers what professionals in the graphic arts environment really look for.