The Official Do’s and Dont’s for iPad Etiquette

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Do check your history

Check the website you were on before demoing Safari to anyone. Apple’s browser automatically loads the last page viewed, so make sure you’re not about to confront unprepared viewers with 9.7 inches of

Don’t take it to bed

It may be the equal of your other half in terms of attractiveness, and it does double as a rather fancy book, but most techs should be kept away from the bedroom unless you’re single or wish to be. There’s no app for preventing divorce, or for mending a broken heart.

Do use the iPad while cooking

When you are cooking up breakfast to replenish yourself from last night’s events, feel free to use the Epicurious app for iPad, so you can search thousands of recipes, get inspired, and whip up the best breakfast you ever had.

Don’t use the iPad while having sex

Your argument is invalid.

Do use your iPad in the bathroom

The size, and lack of camera are proof that Apple’s goal overall, was to make the best pooping device possible. No longer is there a need to keep your legs in the locked position, from the fear of dropping your iPad into the bowl. Feel free to plant a wide stance, and play Plants vs. Zombies in solitude

Don’t announce you used the iPad in the bathroom

There are many ways to tell that someone has done the big nasty, either by them coming out smelling like a sunflower field, or desperately waving matches in the air, pleading for everyone to not go inside. Once you walk out of the bathroom with an iPad, everyone will know you were playing games on the loo, and give you a funny look. The solution, use the new iPad Scottevest to conceal your iPad.

Do get one for Grandma

If you have ever seen an old person use an iPhone, it’s like watching a puppy play in balloons in slow-motion. They are so amazed, and flabbergasted at how easy it is to look at photos, but every time a balloon pops, it freaks out. Give the iPad to Grandma and Grandpa and you will be contributing to the wellbeing of their minds and motor skills. On the flip side, expect thousands of un-finished emails from them in your inbox.

Don’t use your iPad as a mirror

Ladies, all those apps in the App store that claim to turn your iPad into a mirror are not what you think. They basically turn your iPad’s screen off and put a crappy frame around it. But on the flip side, don’t sit there; ready to unlock your iPad and start doing touch-ups on your eyebrows; it makes you look like a conceded, self centered Apple freak. Instead use this app which you can use to point your iPhone at your face and see it on your iPad, much classier.

Do wipe the screen

It’ll probably never look as good as when you first lifted it lovingly from its crib-cum-box, but you should keep the iPad’s screen as free as possible from grubby fingerprints. Apple recommends using a microfibre cloth, and you should also be careful to thoroughly wash jam and engine oil from your fingers as well.

Don’t put it on a dining table

You can get away with putting your phone on the table during a business lunch, but the iPad? No, it’s just too big. The next step would be putting your briefcase and umbrella on your dining partner’s bread plate

Do read on it, not about it

Avoid iPad Made Simple, a massive guide book for a device that’s as self-explanatory as a shirt. If you can’t work out how to use an iPad without a 740-page, $30 manual, you don’t deserve to have one. Instead check out Alice for the iPad ($11.99) – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with added animations.

Don’t use your iPad while driving

Unless you are a super-tasker, you should never organize your contacts, or play Tap Defence while driving; it can kill you, or worse get you a hefty ticket. On the flip side, 3G iPad has a handy dandy GPS app, so technically it’s just a GPS device with an abusively large screen, so yes use it for this only.

Do upgrade to iOS 4 (when launched)

Multitasking is a must on the iPad, (obviously its female) much more so than on the iPhone. The new iOS 4 also adds folders for organising your apps, Game Centre – Apple’s answer to Xbox Live – and a plethora of other improvements, new features and tweaks. It’s also free, which is a good price point.

Don’t pretend it’s a massive phone

Holding the iPad to your face like a big iPhone and shouting like Jimmy Barnes is now strictly forbidden; everyone’s done that joke over and over again.

So there you go…

I really hope this will help people remain classy, sophisticated and tech savvy and at the same time satisfied with their new iPad. These rules are meant for everyday use, so refer to this when needed, and maybe share it with your less-classy friends and spouses.

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