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Who is Brendon Campbell?

Who is Brendon Campbell?Introducing ‘Brendon Campbell’, our IT Solutions & 3D Printer Sales Expert

Brendon has joined our All Covered I.T Sales division in August 2016. He enjoys helping people improve their lives through the use of new technology.

Brendon will answer some quirky questions so we can get a better insight to one of our Sales Experts.

Q. Tell me a little about your personal life – are you married, children? Etc

A. Married since 2006, 5 child household (2 out and 3 to go!), and no they all aren’t into computers.

Q. How did you become a Salesperson?

A. Worked at Clive Anthony’s in the mid 90’s because I knew about computers… then Manager pointed to shoppers and said, “Ok, go talk to them about computers… and if they buy something, you get commission”, and a salesman was born!

Q. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

A. Intelligent, passionate & unpredictable (just try me at chess).

Q. What is something about you that nobody here at Docsol knows?

A. If I wasn’t selling, I’d probably be a DJ.

Q. What is the best thing since sliced bread?

A. Streaming music… well, really everything we do on mobile phones these days is pretty cool.

Q. What is the best trip you have taken – where and why?

AWinter 2016 Ski Trip; watching the kids out-ski me after the first couple of days.

Q. If you won 1 million dollars, how would you spend it?

A. House & Cars.

Q. Name five famous people (dead or alive) that you would invite to your dinner party.

A. Pete Evans to cook, Paul Oakenfold in charge of music, Adam Sandler for entertainment, Charlie Sheen & Robbie Williams to bring the party!

Q. Are you a dog or cat person?

A. Dog, but we replaced him with house full of kids!

Q. If money and time was not an obstacle, what would you do with your life?

A. Travel the world.