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Foyer Printing Customer Success Story

Foyer Printing increases capabilities and grows business with Konica Minolta MGI Meteor DP 8700SE+ printer


About Foyer Printing

Foyer Printing services retail clients and specialises in trade printing. Since its establishment more than 15 years ago, Foyer Printing has developed a huge range of services, producing work for companies of all sizes across Australia. Its operations include;

  • Full-colour, single-colour and two-colour presses
  • Finishing machines
  • Two factories staffed by printing experts


Foyer Printing produces plates in-house and offers many finishing options from die-cutting to cello-glazing and numbering.


The Challenge

  • Improve print efficiency and quality
  • Offer new services and achieve business growth


Foyer Printing’s digital press needed to be replaced and the supplier contract was nearing its full term. It was time to choose a new supplier. The Foyer Printing team attended many trade exhibitions, including PacPrint, to review the wide range of digital solutions available.

Ron Rankin, Director, Foyer Printing, said, “Having been with our previous supplier for around 15 years, it was time to see what else was available that could help Foyer Printing continue to expand the business. We wanted to achieve a better quality of print, as well as expand our offering to include new options such as a wider variety of synthetics, larger format, and better digital envelope facilities.”

As well as improved capabilities, price was a key factor in Foyer Printing’s decision-making process.

Ron Rankin said, “Our previous supplier could offer an upgraded machine at a relatively high price. By contrast, Konica Minolta, along with Gold Coast based print and IT supplier Document Solutions Australia offered a press with far greater functionality and capabilities at a lower price. It was a great package at a great price, so it made sense to go with the Konica Minolta solution.”


The Solution

      • Konica Minolta MGI Meteor DP 8700SE+ printer


Foyer Printing chose the Konica Minolta MGI Meteor DP 8700SE+ printer on a five-year managed services contract. The Meteor offered the application variability that Foyer Printing was seeking, along with reliability, consistency, and quality of print.

Ron Rankin said, “The Meteor had many more capabilities including a wider range of finishing options. Importantly, the print quality was noticeably superior to our previous machine. Comparing the prints from the new machine to the previous one demonstrated a significant difference.”

The Meteor’s low-temperature fusing facility opens up more offset synthetics options, which are cheaper for Foyer Printing’s clients compared to digital synthetic. It also offers more options around large format printing and envelope printing.

Ron Rankin said, “The Meteor’s toner is more compliant with doing sleeking jobs. Although Foyer Printing hasn’t historically done a lot of foiling, the Meteor’s toner works very well with our offline foiling machine.”


The Result

      • Superior quality and efficiency
      • Ability to offer new and expanded services, leading to substantial growth


Increased capability offered by the Meteor printer has enabled Foyer Printing to increase its workload and as a result they have added a permanent night shift, which was never feasible in the past.

Foyer Printing has increased its clientele through being able to offer offset synthetics, large format jobs such as short-run digital A4, sixpage brochures. And the business has been able to offer better digital envelope printing.

Ron Rankin said, “We had digital envelope facilities previously but now it’s available in a single process so we can turn these jobs over very quickly and the quality is superior. It was surprising how little time it takes to set the Meteor up to run envelopes after doing standard digital sheet work; it was a very quick turnaround.

“We’re picking up new foiling work because of how well the Meteor works with our offline foiler, which has been an unexpected benefit.”

“Furthermore, the Konica Minolta printer is more productive than we anticipated. We expected a 10 per cent drop in speed of performance based on the on-paper specifications but, in practice, the opposite has happened. This could be because the Meteor loads jobs quickly so the initial processing is faster, plus we don’t have as much downtime as we did with the previous machine.

According to Foyer, working with Konica Minolta and Document Solutions Australia has been very smooth.

Ron Rankin said, “The changeover happened quickly with exceptional support. The team is very responsive to our needs and we haven’t had much downtime at all compared with the previous machine. We also have plenty of spare parts that we can use if the machine does have a fault. When we need a technician, they’re available within a couple of hours, which is great service as far as we’re concerned.”

“Working with Konica Minolta and Document Solutions Australia has been very smooth. The changeover happened quickly with exceptional support. The team is very responsive to our needs and we haven’t had much downtime at all compared with the previous machine.”
Ron Rankin