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Help Us Put The Freeze On Ice!

AAIC Australian Anti Ice Campaig


The Australian Anti Ice Campaign has recently been awarded Gold Coast Community Organisation of 2017 for the work we do educating our youth on the dangers of the drug ICE and helping people trapped in Ice addiction find pathways into recovery.

Andre’a Simmons, our Founder and CEO and a dedicated team of volunteers on the Gold Coast, in Far North Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have been working for the past five years to get AAIC to the point where we could launch nationally and be in a position to make a real and lasting difference in this nation. We believe that we are now at that point.

AAIC has just recently completed the arduous task of obtaining registration as a charity nationally, as well as finalising and securing fundraising licences in all states and territories. This achievement is a huge turning point for this mission.

We have now launched an initial “Foundation Partners Campaign” to individuals and businesses, with the aim of raising $200,000 to put AAIC in a position to:

  • deliver our education workshop to another 20,000 high school students;
  • have a major Australian University conduct pre and post assessments of these students knowledge of, and attitudes towards Ice; and
  • use these research findings as the basis for a national expansion and fundraising campaign.

Each $10 donated ensures another child is educated and provides valuable funding to assist with our national expansion and fundraising campaign.

We have one business, Hansen Toyota – Mareeba Ford, who have donated $8,100 to fund the program for all 810 students at Mareeba and Dimbulah High Schools. We have others who have donated $20 to fund the program for two students. All support is greatly appreciated and puts AAIC closer to the goal of launching this mission to the nation.

One of the main strategies AAIC is using to raise these funds, is through individuals and businesses establishing their own “CrowdRaiser” page (similar to Go Fund Me) to try to encourage their friends, family and business associates to join them in helping AAIC.

You can CLICK HERE to have a look at Andrea’s personal Crowdfunding Page.

There are two ways in which you could assist with this campaign, namely:

  1. Become an AAIC Foundation Partner by making a once off donation towards this initial fundraising campaign on Andrea’s personal CrowdRaiser page above, or;
  2. If you have any friends, family or business associates who you feel may join you in supporting this campaign, then CLICK HERE and complete the form including uploading a profile photo and we will set up your own personalised CrowdRaiser page.

Once this is done you can share the link on any digital platform and talk to your friends to encourage them to help.

Quite apart from funding the delivery of the education workshop to vulnerable children, AAIC Foundation Partners will be part of the launch of a massive intervention to address the potential national catastrophe we are now facing due to Ice use by Australian teenagers.