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Is Your Printer An Open Door For Hackers?

Your printer is one of your hardest-working and most trusted employees. Your printer sees hundreds, or even thousands, of documents a year, processing multitudes of data and directing information to where it needs to go.

Why do we place so much trust in our printer? We let it process sensitive data involving company finances, procedures, unreleased material, and employee information without a second thought. The truth is, your printer is one of the most vulnerable devices in the office and this fact is almost always overlooked.

The bad news: Your unsecured printer is an open door for hackers

So, what does this mean? Can hackers walk right into our network via the printer? Yes, they can.

There are a few ways your printer can be breached and utilised by a malicious actor. The most threatening outcomes of a breach within your printer are:

•  Data stored on the hard drives of your printer is stolen
•  Access to the network is gained via the printer and used to steal a larger volume or specific selection of data

Stolen data can result in a leak of sensitive information exposing your data to the public, or the stolen data can be used as leverage by the hacker in a ransomware attack or extortion situation.

The good news: Konica Minolta multifunction bizhub i-Series printers are secured well beyond the industry standard

Konica Minolta decided to change the narrative on printer vulnerability and teamed up with NTT Data to rigorously test and improve the security of the bizhub i-Series.

NTT Data is a Tokyo-based global IT innovator working to secure, modernise, and transform technological elements with companies around the world. For Konica Minolta, the quest to have a significantly secured range of devices meant 80 hours of advanced penetration tests performed by NTT Data on the i-Series range to identify and rectify any possible vulnerabilities.

After rigorous testing and a mission to develop the most intense security ever, Konica Minolta now has the confidence to pass on to users of the multifunctional bizhub i-Series that the range is secured in a reliable defence against hackers.