Epson Wide Format Printer in construction office
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Wide Format Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Times have changed for trades, agencies, and studios alike as Epson evolves wide format to become multifunctional – at prices that have never been more in reach.

It is an exciting change for businesses on the Gold Coast and is certainly set to create richer opportunities for organisations of any size. The new release will be especially valuable to small businesses which, in the past, would likely not have been able to attain these functionalities that are now more accessible than ever.

Wide Format like you’ve never seen before.

Wide format isn’t just for printing. Wide format is for multifunction. Epson has released a range of three multifunction wide format printers that feature integrated A1 scanning functionalities in a compact wide format design. This new range is a game-changer for Gold Coast businesses,  providing the ability to scan large-scale documents in-house with quality and ease.

Perfect for trades with commonly large documentation such as construction plans, schematics, maps, geological survey diagrams, and more, this device surely marks the rise of in-house production. With a simple and easy user interface embedded on a 4.3” colour touch screen, these devices are a breeze to use.

Plus, businesses will enjoy all the general innovative capabilities including A1 sheet printing in as little as 22-34 seconds boasting high quality dpi. Seamlessly switch between sheet and single roll media for print. Digitise your documents at 600 dpi scan resolution with integrated scanner support. The list goes on for this versatile range of devices – they are reliable, durable, efficient, and convenient all packed into an attractive compact design.

At prices you’ve never seen before.

Document Solutions is currently celebrating 20 years so we can confidently say we have been around for a while! In our time dealing in all things print, we have seen the evolution of wide format and the price tags attached. In the past, wide format scanning was a separate unit that cost thousands alone.

Fast-forward to today after years of developing and perfecting the wide format, scanning is now fully integrated as part of the device which is approximately less than a third of the price the whole kit used to be. We are serious when we say it is prices you have never seen before. So, what are you waiting for?

Need we say more?

Ask us about wide format today: 07 5528 6663 or or request a demo in our Gold Coast showroom. We are here and always happy to chat.

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