Get Wise to Photocopier Speak…

Following from our November issue, here are a few more photocopier terms to impress your

Saddlestitch? Platen? Find out what these photocopier terms and more mean so you can talk tech
like us….

Bypass Tray

A bypass tray reduces the risk of a paper jam by offering an alternative short, straight-paper path. It
thus enables you to copy straight onto originals – such as coloured paper, odd-sized paper, or card
stock – i.e. materials which cannot be fed (or are inconvenient or impossible to feed) from the regular
copy paper tray inside a the copier. Bypass trays can handle anywhere from one to 100 sheets. A
popular use is in colour copiers for printing onto stiff covers or transparencies. Bypass trays that can
hold more than one sheet are called stackable bypass trays.


Items that every so often need to be replaced are known as consumables. These would include the
toner, paper, fuser oil, developer, or any other materials or parts that must be regularly replaced.

Four-Colour Printing

Most copiers these days use four-colour printing. Four colour printing uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and
black to create all colours of the spectrum. Four colour printing is also referred to as CMYK printing.


Neat term for Black and white.


A greyscale digital image is an image in which the value of each pixel is a single sample shade of grey.


The glass area on which original documents are placed to be copied. Sometimes the word is also used
to refer to the cover that moves back and forth over the platen glass.

Saddle stitch

A finisher option designed to automatically fold and insert staples into the spine (saddle) of a copied